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The variety of colors for girls or boys, attractive pictures and designs on clothes and different sizes all make you rush towards shopping. But before choosing, you should consider hygiene, comfort, efficiency, easy wearing, washing ability and price. There are many different brands of baby clothes in the market that make it difficult to choose.

When buying baby's clothes for boys, consider their vibrancy and mischievousness and be sure to choose comfortable and quality clothes. Also, pay attention to the fact that boys often grow faster in terms of height, and finally pay attention to the anatomy of a boy's body.

Stay with us to guide you in this field.


When buying baby clothes, the baby's gender is not so important in the first months after birth. Because at this age, the clothes usually do not have special models or decorations and can be used for both sexes. Child psychologists recommend that you never wear girls' clothes on boys and vice versa; This work affects the baby's subconscious mind and will reduce his self-confidence in the future.

When preparing baby clothes, it is very important to pay attention to the simplicity and comfort of the clothes. Little dresses with puffy skirts and lots of embellishments are only cute for the back of shop windows! And they will hurt your baby. Of course, you can use these clothes for a few hours in special events. But it's best to replace them before your baby starts crying incessantly.

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The most important thing in online shopping for baby and children's clothes is the fabric used. Children's clothes at any age need to be as soft as possible, and maybe their sensitive skin is the main reason for this, along with their lack of endurance. However, children have more delicate and sensitive skin than adults, which may easily cause sweat burns or eczema with a wrong choice and the use of materials with a high percentage of plastic, especially in the hot seasons of the year.

The baby's clothes should not be chosen in such a way that it is a reason for him to be injured. For example, buying very long pants is not suitable for a baby who is able to walk on all fours. Also, dresses with skirts cannot be a good choice for your girls. These clothes may get stuck under the baby's feet and cause him to fall. Also, if you plan to take the baby out, it is better to use long-sleeved blouses and pants for him. These clothes protect him from insect bites and if the child fall down while playing, he will be less injured.

In today's age, due to various reasons including lack of time, variety of models, and of course the price and ease of purchase, safe online shopping can be very interesting and useful. In this case, different clothes are simply placed in front of you and you have enough time to pay attention to all the points without any restrictions, and you can also benefit from the possibility of comparing clothes in terms of price on different sites. In online shopping for children's clothes, since the clothes do not have a physical presence, it is necessary for you to pay attention to the points, the most important of which are mentioned below.

- Be sure to check the size and measurements of the clothes and, if possible, match them with a dress that fits your child's size in order to make a safe purchase.

- Carefully read and consider all the information posted by the store. This information can be in the field of washing type, fabric type, etc., and they are very basic for a successful purchase.

- Be sure to consider the pictures of children's clothes and make sure that they are suitable and tasteful. In this case, if the non-journalistic image of the dress is uploaded on the site, it will help you more.

- Be careful in choosing the color and size you entered so that you order exactly the clothes you want and be sure to check them once before finalizing your purchase.

- Read the material of the clothes and the related descriptions carefully so that you have a clear view of what you are ordering.

- Note that the site you buy from has the possibility of return or replacement so that if there is a problem for any reason, you can return it and be sure to read the rules related to this section.

- You can get a good and reliable view of the clothes by reading the opinions of other buyers; So don't neglect this because it will help you a lot and give you a clear vision.

- Be sure to pay attention to the discount period of online stores, because in this case you can sometimes benefit from a good discount.

- Finally, make sure that the clothes you choose are from a reputable brand so that you can buy with more confidence and feel at ease with what you have ordered.


When you want to buy clothes for your sweet little one, remember to choose items that are comfortable, stylish and modern, and of course suit your baby. While thinking about making your child look stylish and modern, you should be very careful so that the clothes are useful and practical for them.

Also remember that babies grow quickly. Therefore, it is better to divide your first baby and child clothes into two groups, the first group between 0-3 months and the second group between 3-6 months. It is always a good idea to buy baby and baby clothes in large sizes because children grow quickly and you can always roll or fold their sleeves and pant legs if needed.


There are important things to consider when buying baby clothes.

Safety: - Newborn baby clothes should primarily be free of any buttons, decorations, bows or ties. If you want to choose such a dress, make sure that these decorations are completely sewn into the dress.

Baby's weight: - Buying baby clothes should be based on his weight, not age. Weight is a better measure and is included on the clothing label along with other information.

Comfort: - When choosing clothes for the baby, pay attention that the collar of the clothes is open enough or that push buttons are used in it. Clothes with buttons or zippers on the front are more comfortable to wear. Make sure that there is a layer of fabric between the zipper and the baby's body. The clothes should be loose enough so that the baby is not bothered. Pay attention that when changing a baby's diaper, the push buttons on the clothes are faster and more convenient.

Clothing fibers: - Babies have sensitive skin. Some experts believe that you should always use cotton fibers for baby clothes. Organic fibers are also a good choice because of their extraordinary softness. Clothes usually have a special label with size and washing information, if you find that your baby may be allergic to these labels, choose clothes that you can remove these labels from.

Washing clothes: - Clothes that cannot be washed and dried in a washing machine take a lot of time from parents. Check the washing label when shopping.

Performance: - It is usually recommended that babies wear one more layer of clothing than adults when the weather is not hot. Therefore, when buying, choose a dress that can easily be added on or under it.

SUPPLIER Wholesale BABY boys clothing in Dubai

The most important point in buying baby and children's clothes is comfort and freedom, as well as the safety of the child in the clothes he wears. Of course, this does not mean that the appearance of the clothes is unimportant. In addition to buying beautiful and attractive clothes for your children, both girls and boys, you should pay attention to all aspects, including the child's age, sex, size, clothing sizes and the season for which you are buying clothes, in order to have a successful and satisfactory purchase. Be. You can buy all kinds of baby and children's clothes safely and online or in person from our wholesale stores in the UAE or Oman.

If you are looking for excellent quality and reasonable price, one of the best places to buy wholesale baby boys clothes is Murshid Bazaar in Dubai and especially «Ms Max Accessories» also «Reem Alkhaleej» In Oman wholesale store.


Buying baby clothes requires knowledge and experience. There are many important things in providing clothes for children and newborn babies. Therefore, finding a supplier and distributor of the best brands with the best prices is an important step in a successful purchase. We are proud to be the distributor of more than 20 brands of baby clothes for girls and boys in Dubai.


If you are looking for wholesale trends of children's clothing, our store provides all kinds of trendy baby clothes in different designs and sizes, which we import directly from India, Thailand, China and Turkey. is a wholesale supplier of fashionable children's clothing in Dubai. Every season we update fashionable children's clothes on our website for display. Or just contact us and we will send you the real pictures of the world's trending models.


One of the most important things to consider when buying baby clothes is the cost you have allocated for this. This is very decisive and will limit your options. Our advice is that before the birth of the baby and at the time of buying sesame, do not allocate a large part of your budget to buying clothes. Buy only the few clothes you really need in different sizes. After the birth of your beloved child, you can buy more beautiful clothes with more suitable sizes for him.

When you enter a children's clothing store, the first thing that catches the attention of parents is the selection of baby clothes for boys and girls at prices depending on the brand and gender. Since children have weak and thin bodies, they should be bought when buying suitable materials for children's clothes because it should not cause severe skin discomfort. However, the fabrics available in the market are very good and have natural fibers, cotton and yarn, which are very suitable for children's and babies' clothing and show great resistance to washing. Note that some children's clothes have labels that may harm your child.

Keep an eye on the stores related to baby clothes for boys and compare their prices so that you can make an affordable purchase if needed. Prefer online and offline shopping over in-person shopping. This saves time and money, and at the same time, you can experience a better choice despite the huge variety. Choose reliable brands. Buying from reputable brands ensures more safety and comfort for your child and also reduces the possibility of allergies to zero. Don't forget the end of season discounts. Some big stores, including «Ms Max Accessories» apply good discounts on baby boy clothes at the end of each season, and you can experience affordable shopping.


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