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There are many parents who buy baby clothes without thinking. They don't know the type of clothes and items used in baby clothing. This makes them spend a lot of money on baby clothes, but get clothes that are not used. In this article, we are going to introduce you to very interesting and practical tips about buying baby clothes. Please stay with us until the end of the article.


Most pregnant women, when their initial excitement of receiving the good news of pregnancy passes and they leave behind the worries of the third and fourth months, they come to this important question: how should I choose sesame now? what should I buy? where to buy What things should I pay more for and what can I save on? How can I recognize quality baby clothes?

In fact, babies do not need many clothes. Many parents, when they just feel the taste of becoming parents, have a lot of enthusiasm and enthusiasm to prepare various and numerous clothes. But we advise you not to buy too many clothes for your baby. Children grow quickly and their clothes will no longer fit them after a short period of time. This is why buying clothes that are too big for the baby will result in a lot of baby clothes not being used by them. In fact, a lot of money is wasted.

 Our next suggestion is not to buy too much before the baby is born. In other words, it is better to buy baby clothes after giving birth. Because in this case, you can prepare and buy clothes suitable for the size and shape of the baby. In the rest of the article, we mention some baby clothes. The amount and number of preparing these clothes depends on how often you wash them.

Underwear: If you want to make your baby feel warm and soft, cover him with a sleeveless bodysuit. This bodysuit plays the role of underwear and keeps her waist warm. This underwear usually has a wide and comfortable sleeve ring. It will have a soft two-way button in the collar and diaper area.

onesie (Romper): This beautiful baby needs comfortable and beautiful clothes for day and night. Long sleeve bodysuit without socks is the best option. These bodysuits have buttons in the collar and diaper area and make your work easy.

Blouse and pants: On days when you don't want to go for a bodysuit, make the cute baby handsome with a soft and loose blouse and pants. The blouses always have a comfortable and wide collar, and the pants are not tight so that the baby's feet are completely comfortable.

Gloves and Mittens: It doesn't matter if your baby was born in the cold or warm season. However, it requires two pairs of fingerless, loose and cotton gloves. Baby's nails grow very fast and to be honest, they are very sharp. The glove protects his delicate face against this nail.

Hat: The baby came to our world from a warm and soft place and it gets cold very soon. Depending on the season, you can use cotton and light hats.

Socks: As long as the child does not walk, he does not need shoes. But cute baby booties and little socks will keep her pretty feet warm.

Baby blanket: The baby blanket should be light and soft. A heavy blanket does not make the baby feel good. According to the temperature of the room, choose a thin or warm blanket for him. Do not take him out of the house in winters without a warm and thick blanket.



For more information, it is better to know that the set of baby clothes is very affordable and its variety has made it full of customers. The baby clothes set is perfect for those who have just had a child and especially those who have a child for the first time and are recommended to them. A set of baby clothes is one of the first purchases for new-born children, and this type of clothes is produced in two baby categories for girls and boys, and it is available in the market, and it can be bought and used.

Buying this type of baby clothes sets is so attractive and lovely that it needs a lot of attention. The set of baby clothes are as beautiful and small as they are, they should be of high quality and variety so that our dear and beloved babies can live comfortably in it. We have mentioned this here so that you know that it is obvious for parents that they have a great taste for buying sets of baby clothes and they are looking for the best, most updated or newest type of product. But more important than diversity and beauty, the quality of the product and its hypoallergenicity have been.

For this reason, it is recommended to choose a set of high-quality baby clothes in various and beautiful colors for those who have a baby, especially for those who have a baby for the first time and do not have enough experience.

One of the most important factors that we should know when choosing a baby clothes set for boys is the material and type of application in baby clothes, and the reason for that is the delicate and sensitive skin of babies, which should be paid special attention to. For this reason, the clothes of babies must be cotton, because the probability of the baby's sensitivity to plastic and synthetic fibers is very high, and precautions must be taken so as not to harm the babies.

It is also important to choose the material of the clothes in such a way that if the baby sweats, his skin will not burn and he will not be harmed.

Another important point in buying and choosing baby clothes, especially for boys, is that the clothes are not tight and narrow, because the baby may feel hard and be bothered. On the other hand, if the baby's clothes are too loose and hanging, it will hinder his movement and it will be difficult for him.

Another important point in choosing a set of baby clothes is to choose a light color, because if the clothes are bright, it will show itself when it is dirty or contaminated, and it can be removed from the baby's body without any problems.

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One of the criteria for buying and choosing three-month-old baby clothes, especially girls' clothes, depends on the weather conditions of the family's place of residence, for example, the clothes that are designed for Dubai in the summer are not designed for Moscow.

Another criterion that is considered for baby clothes is the geographical culture, for example, the style and way of matching baby clothes in a rural and nomadic family is different from an urban family, which is very influential in choosing this type of clothes. Also, some families are religious, which affects the choice of the type of baby clothes.

When buying a set of baby clothes, especially for girls, always remember a few important things and always observe this issue, for example, before buying, in addition to the beauty, elegance and quality of the baby clothes set, its price and affordability in terms of Economic is very important. Or you should keep this important issue in mind that some babies' heads are bigger than their bodies and not all clothes are suitable for them. As mentioned, the best option for choosing a set of baby clothes is cotton clothes, because the baby's head and body are very soft and malleable, and even if possible, stretchy and plastic clothes and hats should not be used.

When shopping for baby girl clothes, don't buy more than two sets because baby girls grow quickly and these types of clothes may no longer fit your baby. Always use models for baby girl clothes that you can easily wash and also use a suitable underwear for your baby girl when using a baby girl set. Children's clothes for girls are sold in 19 pieces and 24 pieces, usually not all the pieces of a package of baby clothes are used and are mostly decorative. Always choose and buy clothes suitable for the seasons of your baby's birth, for example, if your baby is going to be born in September, don't buy him summer clothes.

In Ms Max Accessories store, there are different models for girls' baby clothing sets according to the needs, which are offered to the market with new designs that are of high quality in addition to beauty and elegance.


To buy a set of clothes for a newborn baby, you need to know some tips for preparing them. Some of these tips include:

Material of clothes: In general, baby clothes should be soft, comfortable and without labels or rough seams. The birth of your baby in different seasons of the year certainly has a definite effect on choosing the material of his clothes.

Clothing size: It can be a little difficult to predict what size clothing your baby will need at first. Newborn clothes usually shrink quickly for many babies up to three months, and babies who have a higher weight at birth cannot be dressed in newborn size clothes at all, and they wear three month or three to six month old baby size clothes from birth. But tiny babies wear their baby size clothes for months, so the best thing is to buy only a few normal clothes after the baby's weight is determined by the doctor and leave the general shopping for after the baby is born. It is also necessary to make sure that your baby's clothes should be a little looser and not completely cling to his body and not too tight.

Number of clothes: How many of each type of clothes you need is related to your intention and ability to wash clothes many times and in some cases to your level of sensitivity and obsession. But in general, it is better to have a few of each clothes after the birth of your baby.

Different types of baby clothes in different designs and colors are available in the market, so it is better for you to choose the ones that are easier to cover the baby.

Onesie: Onesie is suitable for sleeping and playing, and since babies often sleep, especially in the first months of their birth, these clothes are very useful and very effective. It is much better to buy a bodysuit that has a button in the diaper area and can be opened more easily. Even Onesies, which, in addition to these buttons, have a pocket on the collar, can be easily taken off the child's head and removed easily if they get dirty. It is better to have between five and seven of them at home. If your baby was born in winter, you may need a woolen romper to keep him warm outside.

Blouses: Buy loose t-shirts for summer and polo neck for cold weather. which has a lot of space for the neck or has a button next to the neck that easily goes down from the baby's head when opened, and blouses that turn into shorts with buttons at the bottom are more comfortable. You can buy between four and seven of them.

Pants: Pants allow you to change only the blouse or the dirty pants itself and you don't have to prepare a whole outfit. It is better to buy pants with an elastic waist that easily rises over the baby's diaper and belly and stretches as the baby gains weight, so that you can use them for several months. Get five to seven pants.

Sweater or jacket: Most babies don't like to be covered with clothes over their head, so in cold seasons you can keep your baby warm with a sweater or jacket that buttons up the front. One or two jackets or sweatshirts are enough.

Pajamas: A baby's pajama is not much different from his daily clothes, and it is better to ignore the troublesome pajama that requires a lot of effort to put on or take off, no matter how beautiful it looks.

Bibs: Bibs cover your baby's entire body and are usually fastened with tape or buttons. This device is widely used outside the house and keeps the baby warm and does not move away from him when the baby is waddling. But in general, experts do not recommend all types of diapers for ages older than two months.

Bodysuit Blanket: These sleeveless wool or cotton bodysuits are worn over a t-shirt to keep baby warm at night. They replace traditional blankets, which are not safe for babies to sleep on due to the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. Depending on the climate where you live and the season in which the baby was born, you may or may not need these blankets. Two or three of them are enough.

Socks: You'll need plenty of socks for indoors and some long wool socks to keep your baby's feet warm outside when it's cold.

Hat: For a baby born in summer, you need a wide-brimmed hat, and for a baby born in winter, you need a soft and warm hat that also covers the ears.


Baby clothes sets in Blouses, pants, stilettos, gloves, hats, bibs, socks, and bodysuits are divided into different boxes based on pieces, and their numbers are different.

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